Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Late to the Party

Crime? In my city?
I realize what I am doing here is all the rage, if we were in 2010. Be that as it may, I didn't get pulled back into gaming until 2015 or so, at the end of the fourth edition of D&D, and so I was at ground zero for the launch of 5th edition. I think that managed to kill most of the OSR blogs out there, like a weirdly configured EMP. But there were a few of them that morphed (or mutated, if you prefer a more Gamma World-esque metaphor) into writing about fifth edition content and homebrew rules and converting first edition shenanigans into fifth edition systems.

I'm going to do that, then; specifically, when I opened up the fifth edition book, I thought to myself, What the hell? Dragonborn? Tieflings? It was nutty. Some of it was very familiar, and some of it was foreign gobbledygook. Okay, that's not quite fair, but I felt that I didn't really want to dive into some of these more exotic cultural elements as a reconstituted dungeon master, particularly if I wasn't certain where I was setting my game. I never cared for the Forgotten Realms, and that's nothing more than my Greyhawk-loving prejudices coming into play. I am sure that there were a number of great and wonderful things written for the Realms, like Waterdeep. It's just that, all of that stuff came in as I was on the way out, and to my cynical teenage self, it looked like a cash grab.

I realize now that there were other behind-the-scenes reasons for this, and anyway, I'm wandering. I set about the task of making 5th edition make sense to my first edition self. This is something that a lot of people did, but so far, no one has done it quite like how I did it, and there may be some value to me sharing that.

In addition to homebrew content, I'll talk about my life and career in gaming, and talk about some of the current trends. This will include commentary on the new trend of Artisanal Craft Dice.I have thoughts on this. Oh, brother, do I have thoughts.

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